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Five fountains works to create a positive brand image for each client. We apply the ROPE model to research, organize, program and evaluate effective strategic communication campaigns. Five fountains will create and implement a cohesive brand for your organization.

Our teams work to create deliverables for any aspect of your business. We conduct research to analyze the strengths and weaknesses of each client and apply it to our scope of work. We create new logos, websites, branding guides, newsletters, one-pagers, flyers and more.

Social Media Management

Five fountains can create social media content for multiple platforms. We will create a content calendar that details and schedules posts to increase engagement across multiple platforms. Communications and creative specialists will work to create fresh content for your organization.

Community Outreach

Our agency helps local businesses and organizations thrive. Five fountains is creating a network between students and future employers. The work we do benefits students, employers and the Indianapolis community.