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Student Questions

Five fountains is Butler University’s fully student-run communication agency. The primary purpose of this course/agency is to provide immediate and sustainable real-world, hands-on experience working for real clients. Within a professional student-run agency, Five Fountains, students learn about business processes and protocols, while applying the ROPE model to build, execute, and evaluate effective strategic communication campaigns. Whether students like to create, write, organize, lead, or build relationships, there's something for everyone to build confidence – and their portfolio. Students meet as a full agency and in assigned client project teams, while completing assignments independently yet collaboratively. It's real-life resume building on campus.
Five fountains works as an agency but also offers students class credit as a 300-level course. Once the student exercises three semesters in the agency or obtains nine credit hours, they will be paid. Payments are $250 for agency leader roles and $100 for staff roles for the semester. This policy is subject to change as five fountains grows.
New agency members will be selected through an application process. All candidates must fill out the application, include a statement that expresses their interest in joining and provide writing or portfolio samples as applicable. Membership is open to all undergraduate students regardless of major or year in schooling. Those interested in joining five fountains must complete the application process by the deadline set by the faculty advisor. The current staff will publicize the application prior to its due date. This publicization of the recruiting process includes, but is not limited to: pitches to The Collegian, social media posts, professor and classroom outreach, word of mouth, flyers on campus, email communications, etc.
All meetings and scheduled agency-related work will be conducted in Fairbanks Room 208. All agency members will have 24-hour access to FB 208 to use when needed.
Five fountains agency members meet on Thursdays in Fairbanks Room 208 at 6 p.m. Each session starts with a general staff meeting, where leadership gathers updates from each client team and discusses the agenda for the week. Members then split off into their respective client teams to work on producing deliverables for their clients.
All applicants for five fountains must meet the following eligibility requirements: - Butler University undergraduate student in good standing - A cumulative GPA of at least 3.0 is preferred - Willing to complete training as needed (Basecamp, Canva, Creative Cloud, etc.) - Strong written communication skills - Flexibility in schedule and a course load that leaves time available
Five fountains is open to all majors, so please apply!

Client Questions

If you’re interested in becoming a client, use our Contact Us page to let us know more about your business and scope of work. Since most projects run for a full semester, let us know if you anticipate any specific deadlines. Once we have your information, we’ll add you to our new business list and let you know if you’re a good fit.
Five fountains takes clients of all types. Some past clients include: Butler Arts and Events Center, Glendale Youth Soccer Association, Navigation to Survivorship Network, Aspire House, Tanorria’s Table, NFHS MOMs and more!